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Welcome to another edition of 8 Days a Week.  The big event this week was PROM.  Yep, my oldest and only daughter attended her first prom on Friday.  And, let me tell you it was quite the experience.  I would compare it to a bride getting ready for her wedding day.  Once the dress, shoes and jewelry were all purchased, we had hair, makeup and nail appointments to schedule.  After that we had to worry about alterations and where to make dinner reservations.  Once the day finally arrived, everything fell into place perfectly and all of her hard work paid off.  Even the rain managed to hold off until after pictures which always makes this photographer mom happy.

Please continue through the circle starting next with the talented Nina Mingioni.




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  • Megs - May 16, 2016 - 12:53 pm

    You captured this so beautifully!ReplyCancel

For the past month, I have been participating in a workshop over at my favorite photography website, ClickinMoms.  The class, The Documentary Approach, has challenged me each week with a series of assignments revolving around documenting our family in an honest, authentic way.  This week our  assignment was to shoot  a “Day in the Life” photo essay, which basically means I shoot all day long, every single hour.  My goal was to capture everything that goes on in a typical day for us.  Sounds easy enough, well it wasn’t.  I tried for two straight days and by the time the 5 o’clock hour rolled around I was done.  So my amazing instructor, Jessica Thomason, suggested I break it in to two days and that is exactly what I did.  My first day covers our morning routine all the way through to soccer practice in the evening.  My second day starts around 4pm with some outdoor playtime, trampoline shopping, dinner and bedtime stories.   And, while this was not done in a 24 hr period, it’s still a fairly accurate representation of our family.























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I just can’t help myself… I love blog circles.  So of course when one of my friends, who happens to be an amazing photographer, asked if I would like to join a monthly blog circle   my answer was YES!    And, now here I am and welcome to our newest group collaboration, 8 Days a Week.   Please continue on through the circle starting next with the lovely and talented,  Meghann Prouse.

This month I am taking a workshop called The Documentary Approach taught by Jessica Thomason.  It’s been a wonderful experience and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to document their lives in an honest, unscripted way.  As part of our homework last week we were assigned to take 10 images for a photo essay.  I chose my 17 year old daughter as my subject and her morning routine as my story.   I still can’t believe she allowed me to do this.  :)


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  • Crystal - April 15, 2016 - 10:10 am

    Lovely images! I’m so glad you’re a part of the circle!ReplyCancel